Server Maintenance – 2022/06/20

Here are the updates made to the Minecraft Server on June 20th 2022

Mod Updates

Via Version – 4.2.1 > 4.3.1
GriefDefender – 2.1.6 DEV7 > 2.2.0
Graves – 4.7 > 4.8

Server Changes

Looking to see about re-rendering blocks that haven’t been built on yet using a third-party mod. Going to make a server-wide backup before I attempt this, but mostly looking for ways to keep the server fresh as new updates come out but non-built on parts of the world are already rendered for a previous version. Uncertain it will work, but worth a shot, so please stay tuned for that!

End of Update

As always if there are any issue regarding the update or newly installed mods, please post them in the #Bug-Report channel on the Discord and the issue will be resolved!