Hello and welcome to the home of my personal website! This isn’t anything too particularly special, just a place to host stuff that I used for various other activities and projects. Please feel free to look around, click some links, follow some rabbit holes and most importantly; have a good time.

Who Are You?

Oh, that might be somewhat relevant. My name is Andrew and I am what you call technically versatile. My skills range from Content Creator to Powershell Programming. While this leaves me as a master of nothing, I am quite skilled in enough things to have an enjoyable time on the internet, which I have been gracefully immersed in since the dawn of DSL (want to know how I got these PPPoE scars?).

I won’t bore you with any more details of my life in particular, but just know that this website is solely my own. All content you see here is mine, and this is just a side-hobby of mine to keep my HTML/CSS/PHP skills from melting out of my brain.

Thanks for stopping by!